Raise money for your adoption with the Perfect T-Shirt!

Bonfire is the premier adoption t-shirt fundraiser that helps hundreds of families raise money for domestic and international adoptions. We’ve teamed up with Fund Your Adoption to make fundraising even simpler! Our adoption fundraising allows you to manage your campaign completely online. It’s easy to:

1. Create Your Perfect Adoption T-Shirt

2. Set Your Price and Sales Goal

3. Customize Your Fundraiser

4. Share Your Story

5. Sell Your Adoption T-Shirts and Get Paid

Our Funds Have Been Featured On:

today show
army times
runners world

The Best Way To Sell Adoption T-Shirts

 Adoption Fundraising With Bonfire Provides Even More Incredible Benefits

check-markIt’s Risk-Free! We Removed the Hassle and Made It Impossible For Your Adoption T-Shirt Fundraiser to Lose Money.

check-markNo Upfront Costs or Initial Investment. We Don’t Print Adoption T-Shirts Until Your Minimum Sales Goal is Reached.

check-markNo Inventory to Purchase, Manage or Ship. Just Sell More Shirts!

check-markCreate Your Own Shirt or Choose From 50 of Our Favorite Adoption T-Shirts in Our FREE Design Library.

check-markShare Your Adoption Fundraiser on Your Blog and Social Media With a Customized Campaign and Unique Fundraising URL.

check-markSecure Online Ordering and Real-Time Sales Tracking So You Can Thank Supporters Immediately.

check-markNo More Collections and Asking People for Payment.

check-markWhen Your Fundraiser is Complete, Profits are Sent Directly to You to Use Toward Your Adoption Expenses.

check-markManage Your Fundraiser From Anywhere in the World! Learn How To Increase Your T-Shirt Fundraising Sales

check-markOur T-Shirts are Soft and Comfortable. Your Supporters Will Love Them.

check-markSetup Your Campaign in 5 Minutes or Less!

BONUS: Sign Up Now And Receive An Extra $1 Per Shirt Sold — Up To $100!

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