Adoption Grants 2018

adoption grants

Adoption grants are one of the best sources of money to pay for adoption.

Grant awards vary in amount and, depending on the priorities of the organization, can be used to pay expenses for domestic, international, foster care, and embryo adoptions.

Do you know that there are 3 types of adoption grants available to you?

It’s important to understand the difference between each type of adoption grant and know what to expect. Before applying for any grant, read the application guidelines and make sure you meet the eligibility criteria so you don’t waste your time.

You could apply for as many adoption grants as you want and submit several applications simultaneously. We don’t necessarily recommend that strategy. However, since most adoption grants require you to fill out lengthy paperwork, be efficient and prioritize applications that you have the best opportunity of being awarded first.

When it’s time to develop your funding plan, be sure to include adoption grants as part of your strategy and avoid these 4 common mistakes when applying.

Types of Adoption Grants

1. Fundraising Adoption Grants provide you with an account that allows people to make tax-deductible donations toward your adoption. These are the easiest adoption grants to be awarded since the organization is not giving you funds out of their own pocket. Due to the explosive growth of crowdfunding and other donation websites that help finance virtually every project and cause you can imagine, adoption crowdfunding is quickly becoming a very popular, effective way for families to fundraise for adoption.

2. Matching Adoption Grants allow you to fundraise and let people make tax-deductible donations. The organization will match you dollar-for-dollar up to the specified grant amount. For example, if a family is approved for a $2,500 matching adoption grant and they raise $1,000 through fundraising, only $1,000 of the matching grant is available. When $2,000 is raised through fundraising, $2,000 of the matching grant is available, and so on. If you are blessed to receive a matching grant, use it as a catalyst to continue fundraising and raise significantly more than the match amount until you reach your funding goal.

3. Direct Adoption Grants are awarded free and clear. In other words, the adoption grant organization reviews your application and awards the money to you outright. Despite being the most sought after and hardest grants to come by, we always encourage families to start here. We received $30,500 in direct and matching grant awards toward our adoption.

Adoption Grant FAQs

Where can I find the adoption grants that are available?
We developed the Grant Matrix and included it in our Free Adoption Funding Kit. We believe it is the most comprehensive FREE grant resource available and includes more than 80 active grant organizations that support various types of adoptions.

How do I know which adoption grant is right for me?
The Grant Matrix includes the primary eligibility criteria for each grant, making it easy for you to identify what grants are right for you. Before applying for any grant, be sure to visit the grant organization’s website to review eligibility and deadlines in case anything has changed.

What information do I need to provide?grants for adoption
While each adoption grant has it’s own rules and criteria, most require you to fill out similar personal and financial information, tell them at what point you are at in the adoption process and share about your adoption journey. There will be an initial learning curve but once you apply for a few grants you will quickly become very efficient.

How do I get started?
We highly recommend getting our Free Adoption Funding Kit. If you follow the adoption funding checklist step-by-step, it makes it very easy to apply for and manage all of your adoption grants. If you choose to do it all on your own, start by visiting each organization’s website, review the eligibility criteria, select which adoption grants are right for you and download the application or complete it online.

If I am awarded an adoption grant, where will the funds be sent?
In most cases, the funds will be sent by the grant organization to your adoption agency, attorney or service provider. Some organizations will send the funds directly to you. Each adoption grant has different rules and restrictions so it’s important to read them carefully.

List of 2018 Adoption Grants

Grant NameApplication Deadlines
Most adoption agencies have a grant fund and/or financial assistance program. Be sure to ask your agency to determine if you qualify.
Abba Fund Rolling
A Child Waits Rolling
Adoption Grant Nov 15
Adoption Hope Foundation Jan 1 | May 1 | Sep 1
Adoption Is Love Fund Mar 15 | Oct 15
MUST live in Minnesota
Adoption Story Fund Quarterly
AdoptTogether Rolling
African American Adoptions Online Rolling
Agape Adoption's Zoe Fund Rolling
AGCI Brittany's Hope Grant Rolling
AGCI Moriah Fund Rolling
AGCI Special Treasures Fund Rolling
AGC Scholarships (Embryo)Currently not accepting applications
America's Christian Credit Union Rolling
Angels of Hope (Embryo) Mar 31 | Aug 31
Baby Quest Foundation (Embryo)May 24
Be The One Quarterly
MUST live in OH, IN, or KY
Bethany’s Caring Connection Fund Rolling
Brittany's Hope Rolling
Buescher Foundation Feb 1 | May 1 | Aug 1 | Nov 1
Bundle of Joy Fund (Embryo) Apr 1 | Nov 1
Cade Foundation Family Building Grant Feb 1 | Jul 1
Chance to Hope Oct 31
Children’s Home Society and Family Services Rolling
Children’s Lantern Rolling
Chosen & Dearly Loved Rolling
Chosen For Life Ministries Rolling
cMomA Rolling
Connected Hearts Ministry Rolling
Dillon International’s Building Families Fund Rolling
Divine Love Adoption Funds (Kaleb Kares) Mar 31 | Sep 30
Dream 4 Adoption Accepts applications through Aug 31
Elijah's Truth Jan 15 | Apr 15 | Jul 15 | Oct 15
Ephesians 3:20 Foundation Accepts applications from July 1 through August 31
Families Outreach Rolling
Family Formation Charitable Trust Mar 1 | Sep 1
Fertility Foundation of Texas (Embryo) May 30 | Nov 30
Footsteps For Fertility Foundation (Embryo)Rolling
Forever Families Foundation Mar 31 | Aug 31
Gift of Adoption Fund Rolling
Global Orphan Foundation Aug 31
God’s Grace Adoption Ministry Feb 29 | Apr 30 | Jun 30 | Aug 31 |
Oct 31 | Dec 31
Golden Dawn Rolling
Hand In Hand Currently not accepting applications
Hasidah (Embryo)Rolling
Heart of the Bride Currently not accepting applications Apr 15 | Aug 5 | Dec 9
His Kids Too! Rolling
Holt International’s Special Needs Adoption Fund Rolling
Hope Grafted In Currently not accepting applications
Ibsen Adoption Network Mar 31 | Sep 30
JFCS Fertility Fund (Embryo) Rolling
Jim Carr Memorial Fund for Adoption Rolling - MUST be a resident of Douglas County, KS
Joseph's DreamCoat Jan 31 | May 31 | Oct 31
Joseph's Hope Foundation Rolling
Journey To Parenthood Rolling
JSC Foundation Jan 31 | Mar 31 | Jun 30 | Aug 31 |
Oct 31
Kael Man Applications will be accepted starting February 1
Katelyn’s Fund Within 45 days of placement (domestic) or 90 days prior to travel (international)
KCD Children's Ministries Rolling
Kids for Kyla Nov 1
Life Foundation Accepting applications from
April 24 - May 22
Lifesong For Orphans Rolling
Lifetime Adoption Foundation Rolling
Love Has Come Mar 31 | Jun 30 | Sep 30 | Dec 31
Love Without Boundaries Rolling
Lydia Fund Currently not accepting applications
Micah Fund Currently not accepting applications
Muskogee Church of Christ Mar 31 | Sep 30
National Adoption Foundation Mar 15 | Jun 15 | Sep 15 | Dec 15
NZMG Foundation Apr 1 | Aug 1
One Chance Foundation Rolling
One17 Foundation Rolling
Orphan Care Alliance Rolling
Parental Hope Family Grant (Embryo) Aug 1
Parenthood for Me Currently not accepting applications
Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation (Embryo)Feb 15 | Jun 6 | Sep 8
Promise 686 Jan 1 | Mar 1 | May 1| Jul 1| Sep 1 | Nov 1
Ragini ProjectRolling
Reece’s Rainbow (Family Sponsorship Program) Rolling
Reece’s Rainbow (Waiting Child Grant) Rolling
Sacred Selections Rolling
Salvation International Apr 1 | Oct 1
Sarah Lily Fund for Adoption May 15 | Nov 15
SBC Minister's Adoption Fund Rolling
Show Hope Feb 28 | Apr 30 | Jun 30 | Aug 31 |
Oct 31 | Dec 31
Sonscope Adoption Fund Currently on hold
Sowing Roots Mar 30 | Jul 1 | Nov 1
Sparkles Garden of Life Grant (Embryo)Currently not accepting applications
Sparrow Fund Accepts applications from January through October 31
Stone Family Adoption Assistance Fund Rolling - applications reviewed quarterly
The Orphan Foundation Rolling
Tim Tebow Foundation Rolling
Topeka Community Foundation (Building Families Fund) Apr 28 | Oct 31
United Healthcare Children's Foundation Rolling
WACAP All Together Now Grant Rolling
WACAP Promise Child Fund Rolling
We Care For Orphans Adoption Fund Rolling
Zoe's Rainbow (Never Alone Foundation) Jun 15 | Dec 15

Are we missing any adoption grants that you know of? Let us know and we’ll add to our list. Adoption grant information is constantly changing and we do our best to keep the information updated. Be sure to check back often.

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