With October fast-approaching, we wanted to share two easy adoption fundraisers for you to consider doing this fall in your community: a Pumpkin Painting Festival and a Punkin Chunkin Fundraiser. One of our favorite fall fundraisers is the pumpkin painting festival. This simple, easy-to-plan fundraiser will surely be a hit no matter how big of a crowd. This one is great for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon at a local park, on a farm, or even in a large backyard.

Invite the community to join you in October before Halloween arrives and have pumpkins available for children to paint. Advertise on Facebook and your neighborhood newsletter. Ask your friends and co-workers to share it and invite their friends too. Set out some tables, tape down newspaper, and provide liquid tempera paints, paintbrushes and small containers filled with water for rinsing the brushes. Let the kids paint faces or designs on their pumpkins. You could even set out some templates to give them ideas to replicate.

Contact local farms to see if they are willing to donate pumpkins for your cause or sell them at a low cost. Check out this website to locate a pumpkin grower near you. The pumpkin farm may even be a good venue for your event and let you use the facility at no cost. Charge a fee for each pumpkin at your fundraiser to cover the cost of the paint and pumpkin, plus an up-charge to go toward your fundraiser. For example, if you paid $4 for supplies, you could charge $10 each and would net about $6/pumpkin for your fundraiser. If you had 50 kids attend, that would be $300 for a fun-filled evening!

Take it to the next level and add in a bake sale with LOTS of pumpkin goodies: pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pies, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin cookies to name a few. Maybe even consider having a pumpkin pie bake-off contest or a hayride! Offer hot beverages (i.e. pumpkin spice coffee, hot chocolate, cider), pie, and other festive treats for a small fee. Think of other fun ideas to liven up the event and bring in extra funds. The sky’s the limit! By complementing your pumpkin painting festival with some additional creativity, you can easily bring in $1,000 in one day.

Now, head over to the Pumpkin Chunkin Fundraiser and learn how to raise money by bringing people together after Halloween is over to dispose of their pumpkins in the most awesome way EVER!

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Lori Resmer

Child Advocate. Entrepreneur. Fitness Junkie. Mommy and Wife. Lori is an adoption fundraising coach that provides creative strategies and resources that empower families to adopt without debt.



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