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becky wilmothIn this episode of the Fund Your Adoption Podcast, I interview Becky Wilmoth. She is an Enrolled Agent and Registered Tax Return Preparer and Adoption Tax Credit Specialist® with Bills Tax Service, licensed in all 50 states. She is an expert on the Adoption Tax Credit, regular speaker at national adoption conferences and guest writer for Adoption Today Magazine. She has helped hundreds of families successfully claim the Adoption Tax Credit.

What Is Covered In This Episode

  • What inspired Bill’s Tax Service to get involved and serve adoptive families
  • It’s nationwide mission to help adoptive families make sense of the Adoption Tax Credit

  • The importance of working with tax preparers experienced in working with the credit
  • What is the Adoption Tax Credit
  • The difference between a refundable and non-refundable tax credit

  • The importance of claiming the credit even if you don’t have any tax liability and the ability to carry it forward for up to 5 years
  • The maximum amount you can claim and adjusted gross income limits for the credit
  • What types of adoptions qualify for the credit

  • The differences that apply to the credit for each of type of adoption including domestic, international and special needs
  • The importance of accurate documentation, what the IRS wants and how they want it

  • What are qualified adoption expenses

  • Getting organized and make copies of all documentation and receipts

  • A simple example of how the tax credit works

  • Can families with failed adoptions claim the credit

  • How adoption grants and financial assistance impact your tax credit

  • How qualified employer adoption benefits are viewed by the IRS

  • How families can get organized, make copies of all documentation and receipts and apply for the Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption Resources Highlighted

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