Give 1 Save 1 is an adoption crowdfunding blog that features one new family per week and blasts their story, via video, through various social media channels asking audiences to give $1 toward the adoption. The site leverages the power of the crowd and utilizes social networking to introduce each family and share its adoption story.

In one week of promotion through the site, the typical family raises between $100 and several thousand. According to Give 1 Save 1, the most any family ever raised in a week was just over $10K. Pretty impressive! Although that amount is not typical, it just goes to show the power of the crowd. A creative video with a compelling adoption story has the ability to inspire a large audience to give and share with their friends. It even has the potential to go viral and reach far beyond friends and family and make a big impact toward the adoption funding goal.

How It Works

For consideration as a feature family, you must be adopting and have a completed home study (these will be verified by your agency or family coordinator). It’s a straightforward process and you can learn more about how to be a future feature family.  The following month’s families are chosen on the 3rd Sunday of each month. If you’re chosen, you will be notified by email. If you’re not, don’t worry you’re still eligible to be chosen in later months. There are many applications submitted each month and families in later stages of adoption are generally prioritized ahead of those just starting out.

Each family is required to make a 2-3 minute video that is submitted with the application. If your family is chosen, the video will air during the week that you’re featured. Your video doesn’t need to be professionally filmed or edited but with creativity, quality and a compelling story comes more likes, shares and higher donations. It will make a big difference and you will be rewarded nicely for your extra time and effort. Be sure to make your video personal and fun. Whatever you do, don’t be boring!

The Wallace Family – Adoption Story from William H. Wallace II on Vimeo

Even if you aren’t selected as a feature family, you can use the video you created for your blog, t-shirt fundraising campaign, crowdfunding campaign, and all over social media. If you’re looking to see what it takes to be featured on Give 1 Save 1 or for cute ideas to tell your adoption story on video, check out their Pinterest page with several videos of families that have previously been featured on the site.

If you’re selected as the feature family, it’s important to do a lot of self-promotion leading up to your week. Consider asking 10 close family members and friends if they will be your champions for the week. Choose people that are good networkers and social media savvy. On the Friday before your promotion begins, have your champions send an email blast to their network and begin promoting your story on social media. Consistency is key and providing updates and milestones throughout the week will keep your momentum going and enable your story to reach more people.

Below is an excerpt from the Give 1 Save 1 website. We encourage you to check it out and learn more.


Every Monday we are going to ask you for a dollar. We’re going to tell you who it’s going to and what it’s being used for. We’re mostly funding adoption for the people, by the people. The premise is for lots of people to give a little and let it all add up! We’re just going to rain down a crazy blessing on a adoptive family and we’re going to do it every week. We’re going to get huge. And the world will be changed for lots of people because of your generosity. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Let’s do it.

To help you can donate to the family of the week by clicking the donate tab at the top of the page. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and you’ll get notifications of all posts. That way you won’t miss a family!We’ll tell you who we’re sponsoring and where to send your dollar. We will link a button to a safe online donation site that we’ll be blasting. Then once you’ve donated your dollar spread the word to get some more dollars in here. If you have a voice, an email account, a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account or a Pinboard USE IT! The only way we can make a big difference is to make it viral!


And your dollar will be saving and restoring lives in all kinds of ways. Removing a child from an orphanage gives that child a family and a future, something everyone needs. It also frees up a bed in an orphanage for another child. Your dollar will change lives and save lives in ways you may never know.

To help you can donate to the family of the week by clicking the donate tab at the top of the page. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and you’ll get notifications of all posts. That way you won’t miss a family!


Give1Save1 is a blog with good intentions. We are not a non profit, and not really a grant. Just a blog that networks with generous hearted people…..friends, new and old. We feature a family for a week and let you promote it with your supporters, friends and family…and we do the same. We ask our readers to donate $1 or more. The money is given to the family through an online donation account. The amount families have raised in a week varies widely from less than $100 to several thousand, depending on how much we all promote and share during their week.

photo credit: Nrbelex via photopin cc

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