There’s never been a better time to launch your adoption fundraising. It’s easier than ever before to utilize creative ideas, technologies and resources to fund your adoption debt-free. While private and international adoptions seem to get more expensive by the year, the biggest challenge for most people is just getting started.

Fund Your Adoption: A Step-By-Step Guide To Adopt Debt-Free was designed to be an ongoing resource to help you get organized and set funding goals, develop your plan, track your expenses, apply for adoption grants and even how to apply smart social media strategies. The information contained in this book will empower you to share your story, engage more people and adopt without going into debt.

What Others Have To Say

Now I have an easy-to-read and apply book to give prospective parents! I’m so thankful for Jeremy’s labor in providing us with a reliable and hopeful resource on overcoming the financial obstacle of funding an adoption. I love how detailed this little book is, and I’m even more thrilled about the number of families who will be emboldened to take the glorious and hard path of adoption because of it. I highly recommend it!
-Tony Merida, Pastor, Author of Ordinary and Orphanology

Jeremy and Lori share practical ideas, insight from their experience and an “off the shelf” plan which can help straighten the path of a families adoption journey.  An excellent resource to share and to use.
-Andy Lehman, Vice President, Lifesong For Orphans

Jeremy has provided a thorough, diverse, creative, and well-balanced approach to adoption funding.  This book is an excellent resource for anyone who has taken the step toward growing their family through adoption.
-Sara Beth Fentress, Founder, 127 Worldwide and future adoptive mom

Fund Your Adoption is the latest guide for adopting families to help them get past the financial barriers of adoption…and it’s a good one!  Written by someone who’s been there, done that. There are several things to love about this book. The directions, the details, and the encouragement keep coming back to me.
-J.T. Olson, Founder and Executive Director, Both Hands Foundation 

What You’ll Learn In This Book


  • Chapter 1: How We Funded Our Adoption – In this first chapter, you’ll learn how my wife and I raised over $47,000 to adopt debt-free.
  • Chapter 2: Sticker Shock and Overcoming Your Fear – Adoption can be expensive! We want to prepare you for some common fears and concerns that you might experience along the way so you can overcome them, move forward and fundraise with confidence.


  • Chapter 3: Adoption Grants – We love adoption grants! Why not when we were awarded 6 for $30,500? You’ll learn the 3 types of grants, receive a comprehensive list of more than 60 active grants to choose from and get tips to avoid 5 common mistakes when applying for adoption grants.
  • Chapter 4: Adoption Fundraisers – We list 50 adoption fundraisers and go into detail about a few of our favorites like the Both Hands Project, Crowdfunding, Custom Adoption T-Shirts, Selling Super Hero Capes and so on. In addition, we provide specific details about how to maximize your fundraisers by asking businesses for product donations, financial contributions and event participation.
  • Chapter 5: Budgeting and Saving – Every budget requires discipline and focus. You have to find or develop a system that works for you. We provide several creative strategies along with budgeting tools, apps and blogs that make it as fun and easy as possible while minimizing expenses and saving for adoption.
  • Chapter 6: Interest-Free Loans – Get immediate access to funds and minimize the likelihood of a cash flow crunch while you buy yourself time to fundraise, apply for grants and obtain other funds. It’s seldom necessary to take out an adoption loan and pay interest when there are already interest-free loans available. You’re paying thousands to adopt, why incur additional fees if you don’t need to?
  • Chapter 7: Employer and Military Benefits – Many people don’t think about their employer when considering adoption benefits and funding. Don’t overlook this easy source of adoption money. Ask your human resources department and find out for sure. Each company has a different benefits policy. Be sure to take advantage of all the adoption benefits your company offers. Are you active military personnel? There are plenty of adoption benefits for you too!
  • Chapter 8: The Adoption Tax Credit – This seems to confuse everyone, probably because it applies differently to each family based on the type of adoption and various other factors. We answer the basics and show you simple examples. As much as we love our book, we aren’t tax advisors. Do yourself a favor and visit your accountant to be sure you understand how the Adoption Tax Credit applies to your situation.


  • Chapter 9: Get Organized and Track Everything! – If there’s one thing you can control during your adoption journey, it’s being organized and having your documents in order and easily accessible. We teach you an effective system to get organized and stay up-to-date throughout your adoption.
  • Chapter 10: Develop Your Fundraising Strategy – You’ll create an actionable, achievable plan to get started and launch your adoption fundraising immediately.
  • Chapter 11: Take Action and Share Your Story We focus on the 4Ms of adoption fundraising: Move (take action), Manage (plan and prioritize), Measure (track), and Maintain (keep the momentum going) so you can start strong and accomplish your goals.
  • Chapter 12: Say Thank You – Adopting debt-free will most likely require hard work and financial contributions from other people and organizations along the way. Be quick to express your gratitude and appreciation publicly and privately. We give you several ways to say “thank you” to your supporters.


  • Resources & Links – A quick-reference guide that includes all the resources mentioned throughout the book. We counted, it includes 142 links to the best resources we could find!

This is the most comprehensive book to help you develop your plan, launch your fundraising and adopt debt-free. We are really excited to share it with you!

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Child Advocate. Entrepreneur. Fitness Junkie. Parent. Jeremy is an adoption fundraising coach that provides creative strategies and resources that empower families to adopt without debt.

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