Adoption Fundraising Ideas


Sell Your Socks Off! A Unique Fundraiser By We Help Two Benefits Your Adoption And The Homeless

We came across a super fun and unique fundraiser that we wanted to share with you! Let us introduce you
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adoption shoe drive

An Adoption Shoe Drive And Clothing Fundraiser To Bring Your Child Home

For those of us going through the adoption fundraising process, we may get to a point where we have no
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healthy meal plan

Brilliant Meal Plan Hack Saves Money AND Keeps You Sane

“Adulting” is not always fun. “For years, I dreaded the evenings because I didn’t have a meal plan. I love
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interest free adoption loans

Considering Interest Free Adoption Loans?

If you need a large amount of cash to pay for a home study, agency fees, travel or other adoption
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may adoption grants

May Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria, and Deadlines

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if April showers brought May adoption grant awards to every family? As much as we think
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april adoption grants

April Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria, and Deadlines

Have you filed your taxes yet? Neither have I. If you’re fundraising for adoption, you have a lot of catching
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adoption grants march

March Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria and Application Deadlines

Spring is almost here! If you live in a place with frigid winter temperatures, there are few things more exciting
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adoption grants february

February Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria and Application Deadlines

February is the month of love…and we LOVE adoption grants! Check out this month’s grants, eligibility criteria, and deadlines to
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adoption grants january

January Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria and Deadlines

It’s time to shake off the dust (and if you’re like us the extra holiday pounds) and get back in
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adoption grants december

December Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria and Deadlines

Around the holidays, especially Christmas and New Year’s, life can get pretty hectic. While December might seem like a difficult
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november adoption grants

November Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria and Deadlines

November is a great time to apply for adoption grants, especially prior to Thanksgiving and before the craziness of Christmas
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25 ways to save money for adoption

25 Ways To Save Money For Adoption

Have you ever asked yourself, do I really need to save money for adoption? Can’t I just fundraise and apply
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singing christmas card fundraiser

Singing Christmas Cards

Do you remember in middle school and high school every year when Valentine’s Day came around and you could order
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breakfast with santa adoption fundraiser

Breakfast With Santa Adoption Fundraiser

All I want for Christmas is….to have all the money to cover the cost of adoption. Been there, done that,
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fundraising gift cards

3 Ways To Fund Your Adoption With Gift Cards

I hate fat wallets. There have been occasions where I couldn’t even snap my wallet shut because I had so
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pumpkin painting festival

Pumpkin Painting Festival

One of our favorite fall fundraisers is the Pumpkin Painting Festival. This simple, easy-to-plan fundraiser will surely be a hit
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punkin chunkin fundraiser

Punkin Chunkin Fundraiser

Imagine a crowd of people gathered together to watch pumpkins being launched through the air with a catapult! This, friends,
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chili cook off fundraiser

Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser

If you enjoy cooking, chili and intense competition, then you’ll love the chili cook-off fundraiser! A chili cook-off can be
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ice cream social fundraiser

Ice Cream Social Fundraiser

Who doesn’t love ice cream? I mean, come on! I Scream, You Scream…We All Scream, right? That’s the reason for
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october adoption grants

October Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria and Deadlines

October is a huge month for adoption grants! Are you ready for it? As part of our ongoing mission to
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love tree adoption fundraiser

The Love Tree Adoption Fundraiser

As Christmas is fast-approaching and you’re looking for a unique way to incorporate the holidays to raise funds for your
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holiday market adoption fundraiser

Holiday Market Adoption Fundraiser

One of our most successful adoption fundraisers was a holiday open house. We hosted 15 vendors of home sale businesses
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september adoption grants

September 2015 Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria and Deadlines

Here’s your monthly dose of adoption grants, eligibility criteria, and deadlines as part of our ongoing mission to help you
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beards for a baby

Big Beards For A Baby Adoption Fundraiser and Beard-A-Thon

The most creative ideas are often the most fun. Case in point, on November 1, 2014, Tim and Rachel Barker
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beard for glory adoption fundraiser

Beard or No Beard – An Epic Adoption Fundraiser

We believe that fundraising requires planning, passion, and most importantly – creativity. What our friend, Lindsy, and husband William Wallace
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both hands project

Both Hands Project – The Adoption Fundraiser That Helps A Widow And An Orphan

The Both Hands Project was created to help families raise funds for adoption while serving widows in your own community
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adoption grants for everyone

10 Adoption Grants For Everyone

While it’s no secret that there are numerous faith-based adoption grants available, there are several organizations that don’t take into
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adoption loans

Where To Find Interest Free Adoption Loans

Adoption loans provide an affordable solution for families in the process of adopting a child. Adoption loans can be a
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adoption grants for christian families

10 Adoption Grants For Christian Families

When you research about adoption, you quickly notice that there are a lot of adoption grants for Christian families to
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august adoption grants

August 2015 Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria and Deadlines

Here’s the list of August adoption grants, eligibility criteria and deadlines as part of our mission to help you adopt
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buescher foundation adoption grant

Buescher Foundation Adoption Grant

The Buescher Foundation was established in 2014 by adoptive parents James and Krishtian Buescher who experienced adoption first hand. The
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adoption fundraising ideas

101 Adoption Fundraising Ideas

Every family’s adoption journey is unique, including the process of funding it. Few families have the money available to write
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art for aiden adoption fundraiser

Art For Aiden Adoption Fundraiser

As we were looking for ways to fundraise for our adoption, we knew we needed something that would not be
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july adoption grants

July Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria, and Deadlines

Summer is in high gear! July adoption grants are probably the last thing on your mind, right? Well, the good
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pure charity fundraiser

Adoption Crowdfunding With Pure Charity

Are you looking for one tool that will help you manage all of your adoption fundraising? Since we first began
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raise the dough adoption fundraiser

Raise The Dough Adoption Fundraiser

If you read this before the 2015 Raise The Dough Fundraiser and you like donuts, especially when they’re FREE, then
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june adoption grants

June Adoption Grants, Eligibility Criteria, and Deadlines

Summer is finally here! For some of you, this is your favorite time of the year. For others, the summer
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national adoption foundation adoption grant

National Adoption Foundation Adoption Grant

The National Adoption Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support for adoptive families in order to assist them in the
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families outreach adoption grant

Families Outreach Adoption Grant

Families Outreach helps ease the financial burden for Christian couples adopting domestically and internationally by providing grants to families. The
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barn dance

Barn Dance – Fundraisin’ Country-Style

Where I come from in the hills of Tennessee, any combination of an old barn, good food, lots of friends
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a child waits adoption grant

A Child Waits Foundation Adoption Grant

A Child Waits reviews grant applications from anyone adopting internationally regardless of marital status, race, religion, or national origin. The
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abba fund adoption grant

Abba Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund

Abba Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund allows families to activate their communities of friends and family to give into
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help us adopt

Help Us Adopt

Help Us Adopt is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) financial assistance grant program providing qualified couples and individuals – regardless of
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gift of adoption

Gift of Adoption Fund

The Gift of Adoption Fund aims to inspire adoption by providing grants to qualified parents – giving children who need
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super hero fundraiser

The Super Hero Cape Fundraiser

It was such a hit we’ve decided to share this opportunity with other adoptive families looking for an easy, fun
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lifesong for orphans adoption grant

Lifesong For Orphans Adoption Grant

Lifesong For Orphans seeks to mobilize the church where each member can provide a unique and special service: some to
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medishare christian healthcare ministries

MediShare Christian Health Insurance Helps Pay For Adoption

MediShare is a Christian health insurance alternative. It offers most of the same benefits as traditional health insurance, but with
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puzzle fundraiser

The Puzzle Fundraiser – Invite Others To Be A Piece Of Your Adoption Story

If you’ve been in adoption circles for any length of time, you’ve probably seen others promote a version of the
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adoption fundraiser success

Maximize The Success Of Your Adoption Fundraiser With More Product Donations

Every adoption fundraiser takes planning and effort to be successful. More and more fundraisers are utilizing some form of crowdfunding,
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adoption dinner and auction

Dinner And An Auction – A $7K Kinda Day

Way back when (in June), when we were attempting to raise $35,000 for our adoption, we had ourselves a dinner
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apparent project

The Apparent Project Fundraiser – Empowering Haitian Families While Funding Your Adoption

Why do we love the Apparent Project bracelet fundraiser? Because you will do far more than raise funds for your
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just love coffee

Just Love Coffee Adoption Fundraiser

What do you get when you blend the finest Fair Trade, Direct Trade, organic coffee with a passion for helping
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give one save one

Give 1 Save 1 – Adoption Funding For The People By The People

Give 1 Save 1 is an adoption crowdfunding blog that features one new family per week and blasts their story,
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message in a bottle

Message In A Bottle Adoption Fundraiser & Announcement

“We’re adopting!” Read all about it in the message in the bottle! This is an idea for announcing an adoption
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garage sale

How To Have A Killer Adoption Garage Sale Fundraiser

We held a massive garage sale back in May to raise funds for our adoption. This was a huge undertaking.
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adoption t shirt

How To Increase Your Adoption T-Shirt Fundraising Sales

Have you considered selling t-shirts to fundraise for your adoption? Many families do and we recommend it as a great
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poker fundraiser

No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Fundraiser

I actually found a lady at our church who runs a poker and casino business to help organizations raise money.
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adoption savings challenge

The 52-Week Adoption Savings Challenge

Do you have what it takes to challenge yourself and your family to save? The premise behind the 52-Week Adoption
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homemade laundry detergent

How To Make and Sell Homemade Laundry Detergent Sample Kits

Making homemade laundry detergent is actually not as difficult or time consuming as one might think. Plus, many people are
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adoption crowdfunding

How To Choose The Right Crowdfunding Platform For Your Adoption

With its explosive growth and effectiveness, crowdfunding has changed the way we finance pretty much everything. If you need to
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Is Crowdfunding Part Of Your Adoption Fundraising Strategy?

J. Paul Getty famously said, “I’d rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of my own
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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For Adoption Grants

Let’s face it, adoption grants are awesome when they’re awarded to you! However, the time spent filling out grant applications
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how we funded our adoption

How We Funded Our Adoption Debt Free

How we funded our adoption was unique. The same will be said for you and every other adoptive family. Budgeting,
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jsc foundation adoption grant

JSC Foundation Adoption Grant

The JSC Foundation assists Christian couples to offset the high cost of adoption. JSC partners with families by providing adoption
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carnival for congo

Host An Adoption Carnival

We are adopting two precious kiddos from Congo. We have done a few different things to raise money for our
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credit cards

How Credit Cards Helped Us Save $4,304 For Adoption

Have you considered using credit cards to save money or help cover expenses for adoption? We’re sure glad we did.
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Bring On The Bowl-A-Thon

When it comes to bowling, there are 2 types of people: those who hit the alley every week and those
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The adoption fundraisers we share consist of branded products and do-it-yourself goods that you can sell, crowdfunding ideas and tips, fundraisers and events, and adoption grant information. Whenever possible, we try to share stories from other families and include products, services, and resources that helped make the adoption fundraisers successful. In the next several months, we plan to grow this list to include more than 100 adoption fundraising ideas. If you have additional fundraisers or a success story to share with our audience, we want to hear from you. Tell us about it here.

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