Why do we love the Apparent Project bracelet fundraiser? Because you will do far more than raise funds for your adoption. You will help empower Haitians, many of whom are single mothers, working hard to provide for their families.

This fundraiser resonates so much with me because of my appreciation and love for Haiti. Since I work for an international non-profit organization that operates in Haiti, I’ve traveled there several times and had the pleasure of visiting Apparent Project and meeting the founders. World Orphans and Apparent Project share a common vision of family preservation and empowerment while keeping children in families and out of orphanages.

In fact, we’ve been very supportive of the mission by taking teams to the Apparent Project and selling products at our guest house in Haiti and at fundraising events including concerts and 5Ks here in the U.S.

Unlike what you see and hear in the media, Haiti is a diverse culture with a rich history and, in my opinion, some of the MOST friendly and hospitable people, incredible food, talented artists and musicians, and beautiful beaches in the world. Like many others, I have fallen in love with Haiti and the mission of Apparent Project.

How It Works

Apparent Project will mail you 150-250 bracelets (or more if you want) which you sell for $8-10 each. After sales are final, you will return all of the unsold bracelets to their U.S. address along with $4 for each bracelet sold.

Every time you sell a bracelet, AP artisans earn money to feed, house, and educate their families while your family gets $4-6 per bracelet towards your adoption fundraising goals.

For example, if you sold 100 bracelets at $8 each, you would raise a total of $800 and send Apparent Project $400 and you would keep $400. If you sold the bracelets for $10, you would raise $1,000 and still send $400 and get $600 toward your adoption.

Learn more about the Apparent Project bracelet fundraiser now!

Why We Love The Apparent Project

It’s a WIN-WIN! Your efforts empower Haitian families and you raise funds for your adoption.

Stories. We all have our own unique story to tell. Each bracelet has a tag with personal information about the artisan who created it. These are ordinary people like you and I using their creative abilities to earn a living and provide for their families.

Quality. Apparent Project products are made with very good craftsmanship. The bracelets are memorable, inexpensive and easy to sell. If you don’t believe me, check out Ami’s post that highlights her great experience as she sold over 600 bracelets!

No Risk. There’s no upfront cost and if you don’t sell all of the bracelets, simply send the unsold ones back no questions asked.

apparent project bracelet fundraiser

Tips To Maximize Sales

  • Promote and sell the bracelets on your blog and social media. Use good pictures!
  • Ask your friends and family to share your posts on social media with their networks. Not just relatives but church groups, co-workers, teammates, and classmates too!
  • When someone buys a bracelet, be sure to thank them and include a public FB message that appears on their wall. You never know who will see it. This simple technique has the ability to reach people you don’t even know and generate an additional 5% of your total sales.
  • If you know other bloggers, consider asking them to promote your fundraiser on their blog.
  • Host a jewelry party or co-host a special event with a network marketer who is successful at promoting and bringing people together. Be sure to create the right atmosphere with appropriate food, drinks and music.
  • Sell your bracelets at your other fundraising events including a garage saleadoption carnival,  silent auction, bowl-a-thon, 5K and other similar events.
  • Shipping is an added expense and can be a pain. If possible, look for ways to sell your bracelets locally without having to ship bracelets to a lot of people individually. If you do decide to ship, charge an extra $2-3 to cover your shipping expense.
  • Keep a handful of bracelets in your car. You never know when you’ll run into someone you know that wants a few.

You don’t have to be adopting to get involved and support the Apparent Project. Anyone can host a jewelry party! If your church, team, school, youth group, employer, or club need to raise funds to support a program, an upcoming event, or a short-term service project, you can get involved.

video credit Apparent Project-Beauty Changes Things from Corrigan Clay on Vimeo

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